Joe T. Hamilton - Bloomfield, Ky. Farmer, Football Coach and IBEW Electrician

"Like having the right tool for the job, James DeWeese is the right man for the job! Vote James DeWeese for State Representative."

Tim Norris - Bardstown, Ky. Recording Secretary for the hard-working members of UFCW-Distillery Workers Division Local 23-D

"I would like to ask for your support in making James DeWeese our next State Rep. James is a hard working union brother that takes care of the members at Local 89. James will work just as hard for us."


Kentucky Educators' Political Action Committee (KEA) Terry Poindexter, Chair

"Dear Mr. DeWeese: The Kentucky Educators' Political Action Committee is pleased to recommend your candidacy to our members in your legislative district. The recommendation is offered as a result of your previous or committed efforts on behalf of the thousands of children and school employees in Kentucky's public schools.

Better Schools Kentucky (BSK) of the Jefferson County Teachers Association (JCTA) Mary Thurman, BSK Chairman Antonia Lindauer, JCTA Political Liaison

"Dear James, Congratulations! The Better Schools Kentucky (BSK) Committee, the political organization of the Jefferson County Teachers (JCTA) has endorsed your election campaign for State Representative, HD 50."

Tiffany Parrish - Bardstown, Ky. Nelson County Teacher

"Teachers support James DeWeese for State Representative!"

Larry Wilson - Bardstown, Ky. Retired teacher with the Bardstown Independent School District

"Please join me in voting for James DeWeese for 50th District State Representative! I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Mr. Deweese as a fighter for public workers. I have seen first hand his passion to help teachers while in Frankfort as he and I worked closely many days at the Capitol. It is with great respect for Mr. DeWeese that I ask you to join me in going to the polls to elect James our next state representative."

Mike Yaden - Bardstown, Ky. Retired Teacher

"As a retired, but still active Teacher in Kentucky I have personally seen the dedication James DeWeese has not only for Kentucky's Active and Retired Public Educators, but also for Public Education! James knows the value of a free public education, and will fight for what is and should be our greatest resource, our children! Please join me in supporting a working person for the working class: Vote James DeWeese for State Representative!"

Barry Simpson - Bardstown, Ky. Bardstown Teacher

"James will fight to protect the war that is being waged on the working middle class here in Kentucky. From teachers, police officers, factory workers, and government employees, James has our best interests."

David Clark Union Representative - Workers United

"As a Union Representative, James has dedicated his life helping hard work men and women of the working class. The people of the 50th district of Kentucky need James to work for them. Go Vote for James DeWeese as you next State Representative."

Chad Croan - Cox's Creek, Ky. Insurance Agent and former "Next Generation" Chairman at IUE-CWA 83761 (GE Appliances)

"James DeWeese is the leadership that working people need in Frankfort.  As a former "Next Generation" Chairman at IUE-CWA 83761 (GE Appliances), I have a huge amount of respect for the work he has done to engage people to take a more active role in their surroundings.  James has continued to help me with my fight against an unjust termination and I am positive he will fight just as hard for district 50.  You can tell a lot about a person by what they "choose to do," not just what they "have to do".  This district needs James' leadership that will go above and beyond for middle class families."

Troy Frazier - Boston, Ky. UFCW Local 111-D at JIM BEAM

"I endorse James DeWeese for State Representative. James is not just for the working people, he is for all of Nelson County. James will take Frankfort back for the people. He is an honest, hardworking family man who will listen to the people who send him to Frankfort cause he knows who he works for - us the people. So please get out and vote November 6th for James DeWeese for State Representative. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! Let's stand strong and united together and send James DeWeese to Frankfort! Thank You Troy Frazier, Boston, Ky."

Bill Mattingly - Cox's Creek, Ky.

"Vote James DeWeese for State Representative!"

Jeremy Goff - Bardstown, Ky. Chief Steward/USW Local 1241 ( American Fuji Seal)

"We need to support someone who supports us and will vote for/against laws that ultimately effect working families. We just witnessed how important votes in Frankfort can change lives forever. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not have to go to Frankfort to protest a bill that was going to effect me and my Family. I’d rather elect candidates that vote in favor of bills that will represent my Family’s best interest. James Deweese is one of the candidates that I personally know will stand with us to support bills that support us. He will speak out and vote against legislation that doesn’t have our best interest in mind."

Kenneth Woodruff - Cox's Creek, Ky. IBEW Local 369 member

"I am endorsing James DeWeese because he is an honest and hard working individual who has the knowledge and tactful skills to deal with the politicians in Frankfort. James will fight for working families with the same passion he has fought for years as a union representative for the teamsters union. Please elect James DeWeese as our next state representative."

Tom Williams - Bardstown, Ky. President UAW Local 3058

"I would like to ask for your support of James DeWeese for state representative. James has spent most of his adult life helping working people gain justice in the work place. He has stood with distillery workers fighting for better working conditions. He has marched with our teacher's in Frankfort fighting for better funding of our schools. He has proven that He not only can talk about our issues but he will go out and fight for them. So please join me in supporting James DeWeese for state representative." Tom Williams President Uaw local 3058

Jerry O'Daniel - Bardstown, Ky. United Steel Worker at American Fuji Seal

"I'm endorsing James Deweese for State Representative! He is a hard working family man that stand up and fight for your rights and will fight for the hard working people in the state of Kentucky "

Amy Farley - Bardstown, Ky.

"I support James DeWeese because he supports my family and others like us. James will do everything in his power to help the working class families that keep our world turning! James DeWeese for State Representative!!!!"

Jennifer Wimsatt-Wright - Bardstown, Ky.

"Vote for James DeWeese on May 22nd!! As a union member of IUE-CWA and a GE Appliances employee for over 11 years, I know that James will fight and work hard for Ky working class families who face injustices. Especially, after recently seeing Ky teachers get their pensions taken away. Ky working class families need his leadership in Frankfort!!!"

Kenny Fogle - Bardstown, Ky. Community Leader and Candidate for County Judge Executive

"James Deweese is not only a neighbor and fellow Democrat to me. He has become someone I am proud to call my friend. In the past few years, I have come to know him as a man of integrity and high moral values who deeply cares about people. He has demonstrated that frequently with his support of Teachers and Labor in Kentucky. Yet over all this, his devotion to his family has been the most impressive part of the James Deweese I have come to know."

Labor Union Endorsements

Kentucky Building and Construction Trades Council William Finn, State Director

" It is with great honor to inform you that your Kentucky Building Trades Council has unanimously endorsed your candidacy for the 50th House District. This endorsement by the 15 Construction Trades Unions in Kentucky represents a statewide membership of over 20,000 men and women in Kentucky. Tens of thousands of our retirees and family members rely on the commitment and dedication of a State Representative who will strive to protect the hard fought gains of Kentucky's working families. Your commitment to stand up for the value our members bring to Kentucky's economy and that all Kentuckians deserve a path to the middle class, economic prosperity and fairness are the reasons this endorsement was unanimous."

Kentucky State AFL-CIO Bill Londrigan, President

"It is my honor to inform you that the Kentucky State AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education (COPE) has endorsed your candidacy for House District 50. The Cope endorsement is based upon your strong support of Kentucky's hard-working men and women and your commitment of continued support for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO and it's affiliated unions."

United Mine Workers of America Steve Earle, District 12 International Vice President

"We are pleased to inform you that the Kentucky State COMPAC Council has voted to endorse your candidacy for Kentucky State Representative in the 50th District. COMPAC bases its endorsements upon well - defined and closely scrutinized criteria, past records of candidate support for issues of concern and importance to Kentucky coal miners, the statewide labor movement and all working people and our families. As a result of our careful consideration of all candidates and issues in this race, we are proud to extend to you our endorsement."

SEIU National Conference of Fireman and Oilers

Communication Workers of America (CWA) Christopher Shelton, Chair Matt Embry, President Larry Gardner 1st Vice President

"Dear James DeWeese, Communication Workers of America (CWA) represents over 700,000 members internationally in multiple industries including the private and public sector. In Kentucky CWA represents over 5,000 hard working people primarily in the telecom and manufacturing industries. The hard-working people of CWA are proud to endorse you in your campaign for Kentucky State Representative District 50. We appreciate your commitment to serving the working class and look forward to working with you to improve our commonwealth."

United Steel Workers Ernest R. "Billy" Thompson, Director

Teamsters Local Union No. 89 Fred Zuckerman, President

"Dear James: Each year Teamsters Local Union No. 89 endorses candidates for election. The decision to support a candidate is not an easy task or taken lightly. Each Teamster endorsed candidate must possess a great deal of integrity and character, while establishing a proven record for supporting labor and working families. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have demonstrated that you are deserving of the Teamster endorsement. You have proven over the years to be a hard working individual with great integrity, character and intuition. Furthermore, I know you will devote yourself to protecting the livelihoods and communities for our Teamster families and all working families in the state of Kentucky. The Executive Board of Teamsters Local 89 has unanimously voted to endorse your candidacy. - Fred Zuckerman, President Teamsters Local Union No. 89"

United Auto Workers (Cap Council) Mark Dowell, President

"Mr. DeWeese, It is our pleasure to inform you that the United Auto Workers Community Action Program (CAP) has endorsed you in your election bid for State Representative. The CAP endorsement is based upon your support for the interest of Kentucky's working families and your commitment of continued support for the efforts of the United Auto Workers' union members."

Boilermakers * Iron Ship Builders * Blacksmiths * Forgers and Helpers Local Lodge 40 Michael Autry, Secretary Treasurer

"Dear Mr. DeWeese: The membership at our March 9th, 2018 monthly union business meeting voted to endorse your campaign."

Greater Louisville Central Labor Council (GLCLC) President, Todd Dunn, UAW - Vice President, Caitlin Blair, UFCW 227 - Bob Bracy, NALC, Secretary Treasurer - Joe Phelps, BCTGM, Recording Secretary - Jay Dennis, Teamsters 89, Sergeant at Arms

"James, Thank you for taking the time to be part of the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council Endorsement process. The Greater Louisville Central Labor Council represents more than 50 unions and nearly 54,000 union members in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Nelson, Spencer, Hardin, Shelby and Meade counties. It is the decision of the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council to endorse your candidacy for Kentucky State House. This council has also recommended your candidacy for endorsement to the Kentucky State AFL-CIO. Thank you for your willingness to serve and be a voice fro your district. We look forward to working with you to create a better life and forge a brighter future for the hardworking men and women of Kentucky."

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - IBEW Local Union 369 Charlie Essex, Financial Secretary

"James, I am pleased to inform you that IBEW local 369 COPE has voted to unanimously to endorse your candidacy for State Representative. Your exceptional work on behalf of working men and women and your devotion to the union cause made you the best choice to represent Nelson County and the 50th District. With the sudden change in the House and with Matt Bevin occupying the Governors Manson there is a real danger from a republican party that has lost its way, it's vision and, I fear it's very soul. It is not only Unions that are in danger, the poorest among us the disenfranchised the people who need the most help are in the most danger. It is only with clear headed thinkers like you in Frankfort that we can hope to steer the Commonwealth back from the brink. - Charlie Essex Business Manager/Financial Secretary, IBEW Local 396.

Louisville Professional Fire Fighters Union Local # 345 Brian C. O'Neill, President

"Mr. James DeWeese: The Louisville Professional Fire Fighters Union Local # 345 are proud to extend our endorsement to you to serve in the Kentucky General Assembly. The process of endorsing a candidate for office is not something that we take lightly i the IAFF logo, and the reputation behind it, must be earned. You have shown by example that you are, and will continue to be, an advocate for our professional firefighters. We look forward to working with you for the betterment of our community."

Teamsters Local Union No. 783 John Stovall, President

"Dear Mr. DeWeese: Teamsters Local Union No. 783 receives a lot of request from individuals seeking endorsements. We meet with each of these candidates and put them though an arduous process. A candidate must believe in protecting the rights of a person to have collective bargaining. Additionally, the candidate must commit to furthering the needs and goals of organized labor. With that being said, it gives us a great honor to inform you that Teamsters Local Union No. 783 has endorsed you for Kentucky State Representative. We know you are committed to preserving the principles of organized labor."

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 502

Kentucky Laborers District Council

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 23D

I am proud to announce that I have received the endorsement of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 23D. Having Local 23D’s endorsement is a huge testament to our shared issues of protecting the rights and paychecks of Nelson County working families and the heritage of our bourbon industry. I want to thank the entire executive board and the mighty members of UFCW 23D for this endorsement. UFCW Local 23D covers the following plants here in Nelson County: Heaven Hill Distillery, Barton 1792 Distillery, Four Roses Distillery and INOAC Packaging Group.

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