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"I fight for working families." - James DeWeese

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Meet James

I’m James DeWeese and I am a Union Representative for Teamsters Local 89, representing thousands of working women and men through out southern Indiana and Kentucky. My wife Christy and I met while working at UPS many years ago, together we have 2 children, Sydnie (8), Mason (5).

Throughout my career as a Labor Leader, I have been fighting for the best interest of the working women and men of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. As a Union Representative, passion to fight for justice and working families is what caused myself to get involved in the labor movement. I have also held a leadership position in the Teamsters Union since I have been 19 years old.

While politicians and corporations continue to pass laws and pay non livable wages that hurt working families, working families are suffering. Will you stand with me to fight for the best interest of working families?

In Solidarity,

James DeWeese